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Enter your ZIP code below to find someone nearby to help you with the Marketplace. Click “All Marketplace…” for the entire list. Information will be updated as more trained individuals and certified organizations become available. Phone numbers are provided to call for assistance or make an appointment.

Updated: October 17, 2013

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Insurance Agents
Licensed insurance agents can assist you with the application & selection of a plan both on and off the Marketplace, and also continue to assist with claims issues, billing issues, provider issues and general customer service. They can only sell you insurance from companies with which they have entered into agreements. And to sell on the Marketplace they must complete Marketplace training and pass a test.

Navigators can help consumers prepare applications to establish eligibility and enroll in coverage through the Marketplace and potentially qualify for other programs like Medicaid and CHIP. They cannot sell or recommend that you buy a particular plan. They must complete several hours of training and pass a test.

Certified Application Counselors
Certified Application Counselors are staff and volunteers of organizations like community health centers, hospitals, health care providers, mental health providers, social service agencies, libraries and similar agencies who will provide information to consumers and help them enroll in the Marketplace and other insurance affordability programs. Counselors can’t sell or recommend that you buy a particular plan. Staff is often experienced in health care issues and protecting personal privacy, but they also must complete training and take a test to assist with Marketplace enrollment.

NOTE: CAC data is not yet available

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