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2015 Tax Credit Calculator for Kansas
This tool will help estimate your monthly premium cost and available tax credit for the Marketplace in Kansas. It is not intended to be relied upon for legal or tax advice. Amounts are estimates and may vary when you enroll. Note: the information you provide below is not being stored or tracked. Rates last updated October 16, 2014.

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Estimates do not include dental coverage, available on the Marketplace at added cost. Tobacco users may be charged more. A variety of plans will be available on the Marketplace at higher and lower values.

This calculator may not allow for estimation of all family units. Go to the Marketplace for more precise calculations, or go to the IRS Premium Tax Credit page for additional information.

Additional Resources
Marketplace Rates & Plans
Cost Calculator Help
Your HOUSEHOLD: Select the county your family considers home, the number of members in your family, and your family’s annual income. Additional help is available for each category.
KS COUNTY: Select your family’s home county. Even if some family members live elsewhere, for example students, their costs will be estimated for your home.
Household SIZE: This will include you and other dependents on your federal tax return.
Annual INCOME: Note: If you leave this number blank, the chart will display a range of incomes and credits based on the federal poverty level. Annual income is your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). For many taxpayers, this is the same as their adjusted gross income from IRS Form 1040 line 37, 1040A line 21, or 1040EZ line 4. MAGI requires a few taxpayers to add exempt interest income, excluded foreign income, and excluded Social Security benefits back into their adjusted gross income. Others will need to include a dependent’s MAGI if the dependent’s income is sufficient to require filing a tax return. Consult your tax preparer to see if these adjustments may apply.
Household Members to be Insured: Include members of your family who need coverage. If a family member has other coverage like employer-based insurance or Medicaid, do not include them.
NUMBER Age 20 & Younger: Enter the number of dependents Age 20 and younger to be insured. For the same plan and region, this group’s premiums do not change, regardless of age, and you will only be charged a premium for the first three to be insured.
AGES of Adults 21 & Older: Enter your own age and the ages of other dependents 21 and older who need coverage. Adult premiums vary by age. If children are the only ones to be insured, select Child only in the Adult #1 drop-down.
Estimated Monthly Premium: The amount displayed is the total for all household members to be insured. This tool uses a mid-point rate for all family members, the same rate on which tax credits are based. When you sign up on the Marketplace, you may choose less expensive or more generous plans.
Estimated Advanced Tax Credit: Every month, the federal Marketplace will pay your insurance company part of your premium as an advanced tax credit. This payment is based on your household size and income. When you file your annual tax return, your final credit will be determined. This may decrease or increase your taxes.
Your Estimated Monthly Cost: This is what you must pay the insurance company each month to keep your coverage. If you do not pay it, your insurance may be canceled.
Chart: This chart will show you the estimated tax credit and the estimated amount you would pay each month if you entered an income.
Compare Your Annual Income: If you did not enter an income, this chart shows a range of annual incomes so you can compare yours. Income levels shown are 100 to 400% of the federal poverty level for your family size and are the basis for tax credits.
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